DeepScenario’s real-world traffic data

3D reconstruction of the static environment

3D detection of all dynamic objects in the scene

Association of all objects with a map of the road

Our latest datasets

6 locations
+7h recordings
The Schwabing Intersections Dataset is well suited to test your automated driving stack in an urban environment.
3 locations
+8h recordings
The Suburban Roads Dataset allows you to test your software in the suburban domain.
3 locations
+9h recordings
The Renningen Roundabouts Dataset is particularly useful for testing in a highly interactive environment.
1 location
+3h recordings
194 scenarios
The Munich Rosental Dataset enables you to test your automated vehicle in bottleneck scenarios.
1 location
+3h recordings
The Ludwigsburg Autobahn Dataset is well suited to test your software in challenging merging scenarios.
Any location
Unlimited hours
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