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Leverage our virtualization capabilities

By transforming the physical world into a virtual replica, we provide the foundation to succeed in your application.


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Do you have to annotate videos from dashcams, traffic cameras, or drones?

Use our top-notch computer vision algorithms to extract all objects in the scene in 3D, fully automatically and with highest accuracy. We also provide the tools to anonymize these videos or extract additional features such as traffic light states.

Ground-truth data

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Ground-truth data

Do you need ground-truth data for your experiments on the road or on the proving ground?

Combine the advantageous views of drones or traffic cameras with our autolabeling capabilities to obtain ground-truth data at scale and at a fraction of the cost compared to complex sensor setups.

Software validation

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Software validation

Do you have to prove that your perception and behavior algorithms behave as intended in the real world?

Process your own traffic recordings or benefit from the thousands of kilometers of traffic data in our database. Our scenario mining tools enable you to find critical edge cases in the data.

Software in the loop

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Software in the loop

Do you rely on the power of simulation to develop your automotive software?

Use our industry-leading tools to convert trajectory data into simulation-ready scenarios and vary them over a wide parameter range. Our tools support the leading automotive standards such as ASAM OpenSCENARIO.

Model training

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Model training

Are you training and evaluating your prediction and planning algorithms with real-world traffic data?

Leverage our autolabeling capabilities or boost your deep learning models with thousands of kilometers of naturalistic trajectory data from our database. Our scenario mining tools allow you to curate the data.

Discover the power of our AI Scenario Engine

Experience a paradigm shift in the development of automotive software with our AI Scenario Engine. At the core of this solution is a world-class 3D computer vision software that turns videos from dashcams, traffic cameras, or drones into dynamic virtual worlds. Our AI tools are tailored to your specific application and add value to the extracted data.

Accelerate your data loop

Our AI Scenario Engine consists of several modular software components that are offered as a cloud service or on-premise tool.

3D reconstruction

Obtain a 3D reconstruction of the environment to understand the spatial context of the scene. The reconstruction is georeferenced, centimeter-accurate, and can be used to derive an HD map.

3D tracking

Automatically extract the trajectories and bounding boxes of all objects in 3D to access the dynamic layer of the scene. Our foundation model can process videos from dashcams, traffic cameras, or drones.

Scenario mining

Leverage our scenario mining tools to gain knowledge from the extracted data. Identify logical scenarios, their parameter distributions, and critical edge cases that must be included in the validation process.

Scenario generation

Convert the extracted data into simulation-ready scenarios using standards like ASAM OpenSCENARIO. Vary the difficulty of the scenarios and analyze the performance of your software at the limits of the possible.

Video anonymization

Anonymize videos with personal data, including license plates and faces, to comply with the legal requirements at your location.

Traffic light recognition

Extract the traffic light states in the recorded videos to understand the external signals that control the traffic situation.

Other tools

Is your desired tool not listed here? Contact us for a customized solution that leverages our extensive expertise in the field.

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Explore thousands of kilometers of already processed, automotive-grade traffic data from around the world or provide your own videos for 3D data extraction. Getting access to highly accurate trajectory data at your desired locations has never been easier.

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Benefit from the agility and innovation of DeepScenario bringing new perspectives to the industry.

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    Speed up your development cycle with our AI Scenario Engine enabling continuous training and testing of your software.

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    Reality goes beyond human imagination. Get ahead of your competition with our data-driven real-world approach.

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    Leverage the extensive industry experience of our team, trusted by the most recognizable companies in the field.

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