Training and testing autonomous systems, at scale

Deliver high-fidelity autonomous products in dramatically less time, with dramatically less cost.

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Discover the power of our AI Scenario Engine

Experience a paradigm shift in the development of ADAS and AD functions with our AI Scenario Engine. Process large-scale traffic observations, extract real-world distributions, and convert this knowledge into simulation-ready scenarios using our unique software solution.

Accelerate your data loop

By establishing the essential link between the physical and the virtual world, we enable you to train, test, and validate autonomous systems on an unprecedented scale.

3D data extraction

Automatically process video streams from large-scale traffic observations, captured from any perspective on the scene. Obtain highly accurate real-world traffic data using our 3D detection and tracking pipeline, setting a new industry benchmark for accuracy.

Scenario mining

Gain knowledge from motion data by parameterizing real-world measurements. Utilize our scenario mining tool to effortlessly extract logical scenarios, their parameter spaces, and safety-critical edge cases that must be included in the validation process.

Scenario generation

Test your system against real-world edge-case scenarios, staged against any location, and against any ambient conditions. Vary the difficulty of the scenarios and analyze the performance of your system at the limits of the possible.

Other tools

Is your desired tool not listed here? Contact us for a customized solution that leverages our extensive expertise in the field.

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Explore hundreds of hours of already processed, automotive-grade traffic data from around the world or provide your own video streams for 3D data extraction. Getting access to highly accurate motion data at your desired locations has never been easier.

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Advance your product with DeepScenario

Benefit from the agility and innovation of DeepScenario bringing
new perspectives to the industry.

  • Massive acceleration

    Speed up your development cycle with our AI Scenario Engine enabling continuous training and testing in simulation.

  • Driven by data

    Reality goes beyond human imagination. Gain access to undiscovered scenarios through our data-driven real-world approach.

  • Trusted expertise

    Leverage the extensive industry and research experience of our team, trusted by the most recognizable companies in the field.

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